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Paige owner of Scentually Yours

Scentually Yours 24 Years And Going Strong

Scentually Yours, located in the JCPenney wing of the Genesee Valley Mall, has been owned and operated by Paige Galick since 1998. Starting out as The Pampered Lady in 1988, then Global Scents later on, Scentually Yours boasts a long history of providing top quality hand dipped incense, Pure Body oils, and many unique gifts for their customers.

Paige Galick shows off her impressive collection of scented oils at Scentually Yours

By Martin Hilleary

This article is: Local Business Spotlight
Scentually Yours, located in the JCPenney wing of the Genesee Valley Mall, has been owned and operated by Paige Galick since 1998. Starting out as The Pampered Lady in 1988, then Global Scents later on, Scentually Yours boasts a long history of providing top quality incense, scented oils, and related products for their customers.

Himalayan Salt Lamp on Display st Scentually Yours Himalayan Salt Lamp on Display at Scentually Yours Scentually Yours' newest product is the Himalayan Salt Lamp. Proponents of the salt lamp say the heat from the light diffuses negative ions into the air, which are beneficial to one's breathing health, "particularly if you suffer from a variety of bronchial and sinus conditions."
Reference: e-how Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps In addition to the Himalayan Salt Lamp, Scentually Yours offers a variety of Scented Lotion Candles. When lit, the candle flame melts the lotion, after which you can blow out the flame and use the melted lotion on your skin. Being two degrees warmer than your body causes the lotion to soak more efficiently into your skin for maximum benefit. These long-lasting lotion candles are available in three sizes and twelve fragrances. Paige's Scented Lotion Candles contain seven natural ingredients: soya, african shea butter, jojoba, avocado, coconut, virgin olive oil, and aloe vera–you could actually eat it, if it didn't also contain fragrance oil! Scentually Yours also carries a wide variety of Incense and incense burners. Paige's incense is hand dipped and soaked for 72 hours to attain maximum oil saturation, as this imbues the incense with the highest possible degree of fragrance. Still, my favorite products are the Therapeutic-grade essential oils she carries. All of Paige's essential oils are pure oils and contain no added alcohol fillers or petroleum products. The beneficial elements of an essential oil are very delicate, and so the ingredients must be carefully cultivated from the composition of the soil to the processing of the final product. Moreover, all of the products at Scentually Yours are cruelty free. According to therapeutic-grade.com: A CPTG®, certified-pure-therapeutic-grade essential oil is one that is both complete in its chemical constituents, giving it a rich, deep aroma, and kinetically alive and able to raise the frequency of the human body, restoring balance and normal function to weak body systems. This is important, because the oil's fragrance, frequency and chemistry all contribute to its unique therapeutic effects. If any of these properties is compromised, as a result of poor production practices, an essential oil cannot rightly be called CPTG®, certified-pure-therapeutic-grade.
Reference: Therepeutic Grade.com Beginning in April, Scentually Yours will have a Spring Clearance sale. Discounting the old to make way for all of the exciting new products coming in. Stop in, visit Paige and her great staff at Scentually Yours, and don't be afraid to get a sniff or two while you are at it.

Scentually Yours is a family-owned and operated business that carries only the finest fragrances and hand dipped incences. We have over 400 of the finest hand-made oils and incense in Michigan.

In addition, we carry perfume and scent accessories such as necklaces, perfume bottles, oil burners and incense holders; as well as a line of 100% natural body lotions, shower gels and bath crystals for a luxurious bath or shower. For many of our products you can choose your scent, which we'll mix in free of charge.

We have a mobile shop set up at renaissance festivals across the country; our permanent location is in the JC Penny wing of the Genesee Valley Mall. Come on in for a sniff! Our experienced staff will help you pick through and select the purest form of your favorite scent. And of course, you can also order online or over the phone.

Our philosophy is one of purity. Unlike merchants that stamp "All Natural" on everything they offer regardless of what's inside, Scentually Yours offers innovative, 100% natural, organically-derived, therapeutic health and bodycare products.

Purity is our mission, and that means honesty and integrity as well. Just as we are careful and conscientious with the term "All Natural," so are we true to the word "Therapeutic" - many large-scale manufacturers use "Aromatherapy" as a simple marketing tool, and apply it liberally to any product they wish to promote, without a true understanding of what it means.

At Scentually Yours we strive to be better. We would never sell anything we ourselves wouldn't use or give as a gift to our family or friends. We are incredibly passionate about our work and we receive great joy in creating products to nurture our customers' wellness. We strive to deliver the highest quality aromatherapy products.

In line with our mission and philosophy, we use only the highest quality, therapeutic-grade, 100% natural ingredients. We support the use of certified organic ingredients wherever possible. Our proprietary standards and quality control procedures ensure that anything we offer is of impeccable quality.

Our bodycare products do not contain synthetic dyes, fragrances, alcohols, or harsh detergents that strip the skin of its natural, healthy properties. We do not use animal products (with exception of organic milk or beeswax), animal testing, or any materials from any company that participates in using animal products or testing. Whenever possible, we use recyclable shipping materials and product packaging, recycled paper and ink cartridges, and renewable resources. We recycle all inbound packaging and shipping materials weekly for corrugated boxes, paper, plastic, glass, and recyclable metals.

The Scentually Yours Purity Philosophy guides us in every decision we make. We know that like us, an understanding of the holistic nature and interconnectedness of everything is important to you. Our choices and actions make small ripples, that resonate with you. Let your choices be the ripples that come back to us.


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